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In week 8, we were asked to write down 5 things that came to our minds within 5 minutes. Whether it was a game name, an idea, a theme, something we enjoy… anything! The timer was coming to an end and I had no ideas at all; one of the girls suggested to me that I think about my Digital Artefact for Future Cultures and see if I could relate it somehow. The DA I am undertaking for that class is a podcast based on conspiracy theories, and my first thought was how can I ever make a game based on that. With literally 10 seconds until the timer closed I wrote down “get Martha Stewart out of jail”.

I know what you’re thinking, and that was exactly my same thought. Why? I honestly have no idea, and I don’t know why that came to mind, but I’m very glad it did. It wasn’t the idea I stuck with but it gave me a string of ideas and themes to think about, and thus You Did What? was born. (FYI I am not set on this name, I’m still throwing around ideas and trying to think of something punny. It just hasn’t come to me yet. Stay tuned…) As a summary, my game is a simple card game with a theme of celebrity crimes.




You’ve got it all; the fame, the fortune, people swooning over you, paparazzi taking photos everywhere you go. Until one fatal mistake lands you in jail. You have 52 chances to get out of jail, otherwise you’re stuck there for life. Grimy floors, small walls, no windows, grubby fingers, and sloppy food. Good luck.


The target age range for my game is 16+. This is due to criminal themes, which means it’s necessary to have a mature and not as easily influenced audience, but nothing too dangerous or violent that it needs to be adults only.


Celebrity Crimes.

There are 10 player cards for this game. Each card has a celebrity on it (for the purpose of a prototype I have used real celebs, but if it were to go to print they would be fully illustrated to look similar to real celebrities, but having differences as to not infringe on any copyright/trademark). The idea is that each person playing chooses a celebrity card and gets to pretend to be that person for the duration of the game. They can put on an accent or just mimic the charge that they have been dealt with. It’s a way to make it more interesting while keeping the game simple and easy to play.


Each player versus the dealer.

Flipping the cards.

Guessing what card will turn.

  • INSIDE / OUTSIDE numbers
  • Suite: CASH / DRUGS / GUNS / CUFFS


  • Deck of specialised cards (52)
    • 4 suits: guns, drugs, cash, cuffs.
  • 10 x celebrity character cards


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  1. Decide who will be the dealer, they get the deck of specialised cards.
  2. All other players randomly choose a character card.
    • You are now this character. Think like them, speak like them, act like them, for the duration of the game.
  3. Everyone will verse the dealer.
  4. The dealer will ask all players a question and wait for their answer.
  5. Once they have an answer the dealer will flip the top card in the deck and reveal the answer.

Question 1: What colour is the card? GREEN OR ORANGE

Players choose what colour they think the card will be.

  1. The dealer flips the card over to reveal whether it is GREEN or ORANGE.
    • Players that got it correct, progress to question 2.
    • Players that were incorrect stay on question 1.
  2. Continue with this and go through all the questions.

If a player has passed the first question and then answers it incorrectly (question 2, 3, or 4) they must go back to the first question and start again.

Question 2: Will the next card be HIGHER or LOWER than the number on the first card?

Question 3: Will the next card be INSIDE the two numbers drawn already, or OUTSIDE?

Question 4: What suit will be on the following card? DRUGS, CASH, GUNS or CUFFS?

  1. Once a player reaches the final question (SUIT) and gets the answer correct, they win the game and get out of jail.
Note: For even more fun, over 18’s can add alcohol. If you get a question wrong, not only do you start again, you also have to take a drink.




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