Code void setup(){ background(0); size(830,830); } void draw(){ for (int i = 70 ; i < 80000 ; i = i + 116){ for (int j = 70 ; j < 800 ; j = j + 115){ fill(164,244,255); // fill of the outermost circle, is a pale blue colour Tiana(i,j);  } } } // Makes contantly changing multicoloured flashing circles void Tiana(int a, int b){ ellipse(a,b, 100,100); // a is the width of the outermost circle, b is the height fill(random(255),random(255),random(255)); // colour is random for second inner circle ellipse(a,b, 75,75); // width of second innter circle is equal … Continue reading TASK 2: DIGITAL CODING

Task 3: Moving Image Project

When I think of where I’m from I instantly think of the people who surround me, those who are closest to me; my family and friends. It’s not necessarily pinpointing one place or one person, it’s the combination of it all and the influence of each person that shows who I am and where I am from. Each clip shows a snippet of what I think about when I hear those words, the places, the people, the rooms where we hang out and make memories, the places we go to just relax and have a good time. There is a theme … Continue reading Task 3: Moving Image Project

Task 2: Sound Project

This is the audio segment to Where I’m From, I didn’t take it as a literal meaning of place, and didn’t completely take it from one sector of my life. The sounds you can hear in this clip are sourced from a variety of places, I have conversations with different friends in different places, extended family at a birthday event, parents in our own home. The piece starts with silence, because that is generally how my day or period of the day will start, then you can hear typing; personally I think that shows where I’m from through work life, … Continue reading Task 2: Sound Project

Task 1: Remoscope

When I think about where I am from I don’t think about a particular place. I think about my family, my friends, and the things that makes me who I am. This video shows where I am from through experiences, people and places I hold close to myself. My family represents my cultural background; Italian, I show my house, my dog, some of the area I live in, and the gathering at the end of relatives and friends shows the relationships. My friends and family have helped along the way to show the story of that; I am culturally from … Continue reading Task 1: Remoscope


We all love going to theme parks to see all of the animals and watch the shows, but how often do we stop and think; how do the animals feel? Realistically that is not exactly what we’re going to think, but when you look at it logically people enjoy going to theme parks to see the animals, but being in a confined space after being taken from the outside world wouldn’t be a great life. Simmonds (2013) explains that there is also a difference between animals being kept in captivity for conservation or rescue purposes, as some zoos do, and … Continue reading NO TO ANIMALS IN CAPTIVITY

Poverty Porn. What’s that?

Poverty Porn. That’s a weird phrase you might think. I know I definitely did, but it’s not what you may think it is. Poverty porn is described as by Dortonne (2016) as a tactic that is used by non-profit and charity organisations to make the recipient or viewer feel empathetic and contribute to them, by showing exploitative images of people living in impoverished conditions. It leaves most people feeling uncomfortable and guilty and then having to choose between turning a blind eye or reposting the images in the hopes that the images of suffering will educate other people about poverty. … Continue reading Poverty Porn. What’s that?

But first, let me take a selfie

Here is a lowdown on everything you need to know about selfies. What is a Selfie? Most people out in the world know what a selfie is, and if they don’t they have at least heard of the term. In its simplest form, a selfie is a photo of yourself, taken by you, generally using the front facing camera on a smart phone, but in times before front cameras existed they were taken on the outer camera. Tsilimparis (2015) explains his theory behind why the selfie-trend is so popular as that it gives the luxury of depicting ourselves in the … Continue reading But first, let me take a selfie

You’ve won £10000000!

Looking at things like dark fibre, hackers, botnets and cyber war this week has made me think about things that are more common to us in today’s world. Cybercrimes are online crimes which are directed at computers or other devices (i.e hacking), and where devices are integral to the offence (i.e identity theft, online fraud, etc). They are becoming more and more common in today’s society and types include things like hacking, identity theft/fraud, online scams and fraud, email spam and phishing and even cyber bullying.   Not only can it affect the victim in a financial way, but it is … Continue reading You’ve won £10000000!