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Code void setup(){ background(0); size(830,830); } void draw(){ for (int i = 70 ; i < 80000 ; i = i + 116){ for (int j = 70 ; j < 800 ; j = j + 115){ fill(164,244,255); // fill of the outermost circle, is a pale blue colour Tiana(i,j);  } } } //… Continue reading TASK 2: DIGITAL CODING

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My photograph using the instructions I created. INSTRUCTIONS: Find either 1, 2, or 3 friends or people. Write largely on an A3 piece of paper, per person, something nice to describe them/each of them - 1 word, and put a hashtag in front of the word. Get the person/people to hold the paper in front… Continue reading TASK 1: ANALOGUE CODING

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Task 2: Sound Project This is the audio segment to Where I'm From, I didn't take it as a literal meaning of place, and didn't completely take it from one sector of my life. The sounds you can hear in this clip are sourced from a variety of places, I have conversations with different friends in different places,… Continue reading Task 2: Sound Project