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The Finished Product: So What Next?

The digital artifact that I undertook for BCM325 Future Cultures was a podcast called What Next? and was a collaboration between myself and another student Lizzie Farley. The theme of our DA is conspiracy theories, we looked at particular theories and their link to the future made suggestions and predictions, and looked at what could… Continue reading The Finished Product: So What Next?

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Dignen (2014) describes feedback for many as something that is similar to criticism or attack, but explains that it is in fact the opposite to this – an act of support that intends to deal with underperformance in a constructive way, and to assist in developing a higher level of performance. The task of commenting… Continue reading MORE ENGAGEMENT AND MORE REFLECTION

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Digital Artefact Pitch

The Digital Artefact I am undertaking for BCM325 will be in collaboration with Lizzie Farley. Our project will be a podcast that runs on the theme of Conspiracy Theories. Over the course of the semester, we will be publishing 4 podcasts in total, each with a different conspiracy theory as the topic, and running around… Continue reading Digital Artefact Pitch